Nobody said it will be easy….

A person who owns a bee hive is called the beekeeper. But is it enough? For many people it is enough to develop passion for bees and have some honey for own use. For me, this is just a tiny little step toward promotion of sustainability and propagation of beekeeping. Therefore, I created the BeeGarden.


The purpose of BeeGarden is to emphasize the problem of bees and promote beekeeping as well as, support for beekeeping. The support can have a variety of approach. It can be by purchasing variety of bee products from local beekeepers. Showing interest in beekeepers work, even simple discussion and curiosity can put a smile on real beekeeper’s face. One can also support bees directly by planting bee-friendly plants in the garden, balcony or green area. You can also suggest local authorities or even your land lord to put more attention on the plants sounding your place. There is many ways to help bees be more happy. And this is what BeeGarden stands for!


My challenge is not easy but nobody said it will be easy! There is a lot of formalities with the company registration. The most important is that, I had to convinced that my idea is truly the business approach not just a hobby. Everything went well and BeeGarden is registered as the fully functioning business. Now more work is waiting but working with bees gives a positive satisfaction as well.

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