Let’s get physical for real

Finding a tutor or mentor in beekeeping, before you start is like finding a treasure. Lucky me I found my treasure and I am so thankful for that!


The day has come to meet the Beekeeper and his bees. Ola, my new mentor, expressed his deep care for the bees. It feel that he cares more for the bees than for the honey he collects. He is also very focus on the environment and healthy relationship between us people and the environment. His hives are located on the side of the forest and in April this place looked so magical with all the carpet flowers.

It was my first contact with the bees since childhood so, I was a little bit nervous, especially when Ola opened the hive and I saw so many bees at ones. The first thought was that bees will attack me. The bees my mentor has are very calm and there was no unpleasant situations. The kind of bees he has is Apis Mellifera Ligustica also known as the Italian honey bees. A very popular kind of bees in Europe. This was happening in April 2015 so we only did general check on bees. For me, however, it was a very exciting time and from the beginning I wanted to know everything. I remember that I had so many questions. After reading all materials finally I had a chance to confront this theoretical knowledge with the practical experiences.

My first experience with the was very pleasant. Bees were gentle and I was even able to operate without gloves. No stings at all! Getting physical with bees was very different than just reading the book. You can smell the wax and honey, you feel the warmth from the colony and the bees are so close to you. You can’t call bees a pet but I felt some kind of building connection and trust with those small creatures. At that time I knew that I want to experiences and know more about beekeeping.

Ola become a very good tutor and he helped me to understand everything I need to know about bees for the beginning. I am still helping him with his hives and after helping him for two seasons, decided to start with my own bees and Ola is very positive with this idea. Moreover, he offered to support me with this idea which I appreciate a lot. I feel very lucky as a beginning beekeeper to have such a friend like Ola and I believe we can help each other a lot. Now it is time to find a place for my bees since I don’t think that balcony of my student apartment is the best, not mention the flat mates.

Idea of becoming the beekeeper cannot start only with books. Everyone who thinks to have bees should find a beekeeper who can show one, some basics. Moreover, with such a connection the start of having own bees can happen much easier. Before you get own bees find someone for a season to see if this it really thing for you.

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