The beginning of BeeGarden!

With the help of Jönköping city authority I was connected with a farmer who agreed for placing my hives at the land he is responsible for. This great news made me so excited that I needed some sugar to handle it. Lucky me pastry place is close by and I got my favorite Swedish desert called Semla! Usually one is enough but with such an occasion I had 2 at once!

I am going to start with 4 hives for my own use. Ola, my tutor offered one of his bee colonies so I still need to get 3 more. The best, would be to get a whole colony but I will also be very happy to get nucleus colony. Nucleus colony is a part of the strong bee family which was split into main family and new smaller family which with time will grow and become regular bee colony. There is still time so I can work on this.

My passion for bees will be registered as business where, I can implement all the ideas and help everyone to get real honey produced with the passion and close care for the bees. I want to distribute it locally that everyone know that they can get honey which has an impact on the local sustainability. So, by buying my honey you support local environment and society. There is other way of helping as well. If you live in Jönköping and you can use your balcony and green space to plant flowers which, bees like to visit. At the same time, bees will get attracted and pollinate your fruit trees or your special tomatoes.

Maybe it is a beginning but there is still so much to do. First the registration and then all other formalities. There will be also the fun stuff such as shopping! This will be the best. Getting small equipment such as protection outfit, tools, hives, frames and many more.

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