Sustainable Cooperation!

BeeGarden grows everyday! Everyday new bees are born to pollinate your favorite fruits and vegetables. Everyday BeeGarden’s bees fly around Jönköping to collect honey, maybe they visit your garden or balcony as well.

This season Beegarden was honored to provide bee service to Vätterhem. Four hives were placed in  Strandängen where the growing neighborhood shows strong interest in sustainability. New modern buildings invite tenants who enjoy nature and comfort. In addition, Vätterhem provides gardening space where fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits can be grown to be ready for picking. A place like this is also perfect for bees where a variety of plants support stable growths of colonies in exchange for higher crops. The close location of old trees, especially old linden trees provide sweet nectar which can scent the entire area. The smell of sweet nectar also attracts bees, by which it is collected and transformed into a sweet, golden honey. Some of the honey will also be delivered to Vätterhem soon.

Vätterhem proves to be sustainable not only by its commitments but also by a variety of actions and services. Their cooperation with BeeGarden is another example of sustainability and care for the local environment. BeeGarden is proud to have such a strong partner and is looking for more local businesses in Jönköping that aim to be more sustainable.

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