Let me share it with you….

What am I doing here?

The time has come to share passion for bees. All started from curiosity how hone is made and developed into passionate investigation or even a research to finally materialized in full involvement. Unfortunately, nothing happens so easy but you know what they say “if there is a will, there is a way!”


What do I want from bees?

Bees! Who thinks about bees? Most of the time we think about honey and then we think about bees and most of the time we think that bees can sting. With me it was a similar situation. I didn’t know much about bees but I knew I want the honey! So, my interest in bees started in need of possessing the honey. This came to me a couple of years ago during my early years at the university. Logically, to get honey I had to get involve with bees. As a student, it was impossible to have bees on the balcony of my student accommodation even, I was thinking about that. This crazy idea died and I am sure my flat mates were very happy about this for many reasons. At this time my knowledge about bees was very limited actually, I only knew they produce honey. I also knew that I need to learn more about bees. I only remembered stories my grandparent was telling me about his bees.


Bees flying in the net.

Internet became my Dr. Know! Articles, YouTube, forums and blogs helped me to catch up with, what bees are really for, besides honey of course. I also learned that honey production is not the most important. It is so easy to forget about the food! By pollination, bees with cooperation with plants are the biggest food producers on the world. But there is more! Bees are also genetic engineers. Those small insects move around genetic materials among plants helping them to create unique combination of genes for next generation of seeds. Imagine that, a plant which is not attractive for bees will not be visited by them which means, this genetic material will not be used and only most valuable genes will be kept in the nature. Mother nature is a genius!


Where beginners should start, I mean, where I should start!

Let’s go back to my private bee school. It was a great surfing on the net but sometimes I was irritated that I can’t experience in reality what I see or read about. Screen and mouse is not for learning how to keep bees. Not mention, that internet is everything the bad and the good. Often it was hard to know what do they mean and more I was reading less I knew what beekeeping is about.

Internet was not enough! I needed more so I looked for books and published guide about beekeeping. Personally, I believe that this is where every beekeeper should start. Read a simple beekeeping book for beginners. Don’t think that a book will make you a beekeeper, it is not that easy. For me it was a general overview on beekeeping and made me ask even more questions. At least, now, I knew what to ask about. Internet came with help again but there was never the full answer for my question, I guess because I am the question person.

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