First time with bees ;)

Do you remember your first time? I remember it very well because I had few night of thinking about it and preparing for it. Believe me, life is not easy when all you think about is bees!


Books and internet made my passion on fire and it was not enough for me. At this time I just wanted to become more personal with bees. Ok, to be honest…… after all reading and seeing honey extraction, I wanted to see, smell and taste the honey straight from the frame! So I decided to meet a beekeeper and offer him my help. Great idea, but how to find a person with bees in the country I was relatively new, not knowing the language and area and not knowing much about place besides my grocery store. Well, I started to talk about it. Almost every person I met I was sharing my new passion, all my favorite facts about bees and then cutting suddenly that I cant expand my passion since I don’t know any beekeeper here.

Guess what?! The magic worked! With constant sharing of my passion I got some positive help. My very good friend Nickie E. (yes I mean you girl) contacted the bee association and after some time I got the address of beekeeper who was just 5 min away by bike. I still remember how excited I was and how hard it was to sleep a night before.

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