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Sustainable Cooperation!

BeeGarden grows everyday! Everyday new bees are born to pollinate your favorite fruits and vegetables. Everyday BeeGarden’s bees fly around Jönköping to collect honey, maybe they visit your garden or balcony as well. This season Beegarden was honored to provide bee service to Vätterhem. Four hives were placed in  Strandängen where the growing neighborhood shows […]

Nobody said it will be easy….

A person who owns a bee hive is called the beekeeper. But is it enough? For many people it is enough to develop passion for bees and have some honey for own use. For me, this is just a tiny little step toward promotion of sustainability and propagation of beekeeping. Therefore, I created the BeeGarden. […]

The beginning of BeeGarden!

With the help of Jönköping city authority I was connected with a farmer who agreed for placing my hives at the land he is responsible for. This great news made me so excited that I needed some sugar to handle it. Lucky me pastry place is close by and I got my favorite Swedish desert […]

Let’s get physical for real

Finding a tutor or mentor in beekeeping, before you start is like finding a treasure. Lucky me I found my treasure and I am so thankful for that!   The day has come to meet the Beekeeper and his bees. Ola, my new mentor, expressed his deep care for the bees. It feel that he […]

First time with bees ;)

Do you remember your first time? I remember it very well because I had few night of thinking about it and preparing for it. Believe me, life is not easy when all you think about is bees!   Books and internet made my passion on fire and it was not enough for me. At this […]

Let me share it with you….

What am I doing here? The time has come to share passion for bees. All started from curiosity how hone is made and developed into passionate investigation or even a research to finally materialized in full involvement. Unfortunately, nothing happens so easy but you know what they say “if there is a will, there is […]