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Your partner in


for your business development

CSR and sustainability takes an important part of your business? Develop your CSR in a new direction by using urban beekeeping as a unique example of your sustainable activities. Use urban beekeeping to stimulate your employees toward sustainable development of your business.

for your profit

Associate your brand with sustainable actions and prove your support for sustainability to sustain and attract more potential customers. Generate your profit with a positive impact on local society and environment.

for your world

Take your part in creating sustainable future for your business, customers and employees in Jonkoping. Your collaboration with BeeGarden will benefits local environment and society. This is your chance to Jonkoping into a bee friendly city.

How it started…

BeeGarden is a place where beekeeping, sustainability and business opportunity finds balance. Everything started from the owner who connected his passion for bees with the strong importance for sustainability and his education. BeeGarden, also connects tradition from owner’s home land with the Swedish culture. Join the journey of BeeGarden genesis here.

Our Philosophy…

BeeGarden is the kingdom of bees and it is ruled by bees. We support bees to keep them with the best condition by maintaining them in most natural way. Healthy bees have a strong positive impact on local environment. This means that, by supporting bees we support our self.